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RichPro Pest Management offers a wide range of pest control services

Whether pests are little bugs and insects or crawly rodents, we understand that they are more than a nuisance. Pests create an unhealthy environment for your household and it is important to know the best rodent and pest control solutions available. Our service professionals are certified and registered with the state, and receive continuous education in the latest pest control techniques. We stand ready and willing to serve you and your family by keeping your home pest free.

Our Plan

  • Service Professionals that are certified and registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and receive continuous education in the latest control techniques.
  • We offer monthly, every other month, quarterly and one time service plans.
  • Our service professionals will perform an inspection, check monitors for new activity and identify insects.
  • Interior treatments using low odor and/or environmental friendly products.

A no obligation free inspection & estimate. Our service professionals will inspect your home’s environment to identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of bothersome pests – for homes and businesses of every type. Understanding pests is the first step to keeping your home clean and pest free. We know what to expect and what to do with each pest you may deal with:

  • Ants
    • Carpenter ants, household ants, black ants – key to getting rid of ants is to target them where they live and allowing RichPro to apply Termidor, America’s #1 defense
  • Silverfish
    • Among the most damaging of pests, found typically in areas of the home where moisture is present including kitchens, garages, closets and bathrooms.
  • Roaches (all types)
    • A single cockroach can quickly create a full-on infestation. The cockroach reproduction cycle is extremely fast. Call us for cockroach control before pest problems escalate.
  • Spiders
    • RichPro can help identify your spider problem and get rid of them for good. Various spiders like to lurk around the home, often found in dark corners or behind stored items. Some spiders can cause health concerns if bitten, so call the professionals to handle spider control.
  • Clover mites
    • Clover mites can be a nuisance in and around houses close to thick vegetation. They are reddish-brown and can greatly affect gardens, lawns and stipple plants.
  • Centipedes
    • Find their way into homes and hide where moisture is present in basements, damp closets and bathrooms. They feed off of other insects and spiders but if their jaws are large, a bite to a human is worse than a bee sting.
  • Fleas
    • Fleas attack warm-blooded vertebrates most commonly associated with household pets like cats or dog. Fleas are not just an annoyance, they can cause allergic reactions to the human body as well as the pet, laying eggs in the home wherever the host rests.
  • Crickets
    • Can prove troublesome at nights with their mating calls and they eat almost anything available. They are destructive in agricultural communities feeding on crops and they attract other pests such as rodents, lizards and birds.
  • Rats
    • Rats can enter through a hole as small as a quarter. Effective rat control begins with prevention. Rats are also known for avoiding unfamiliar objects so do-it-yourself traps are not the best solution. Contact RichPro Pest Management when attempting to exterminate an existing rat problem.
  • Mice
    • Typically nocturnal rodents and hide inside walls, under furniture and appliances. House mice contribute highly to allergies and can trigger asthma and in some cases, mice can damage property and cause fires with electrical wires.

We’re happy to help you keep your home or business clean, safe and free of any pests. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for a free inspection.

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