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April 19, 2019

#home pest control

a professional pest control technician from richpro pest management inc shaking the hand of a home owner in richmond virginia

Why Homeowners In Richmond Need Professional Pest Control

Posted in: Pest Control,

Although pests are small, they can cause a plethora of problems for homeowners each year. Does your home have the protection it needs to keep these tiny threats at bay?

a large swarm of termites greatly damaging wooden structure on a richmond property

What Are These Flying Insects Around My Richmond Home?

Posted in: Termites,

In spring, it’s pretty normal to see insects buzzing around. After the cooler temperatures of winter, all the bugs that weren’t active in the winter months make their comeback. Mosquitoes, dragonflies, honeybees, hornets… they all make an appearance. And while you certainly don’t want to see hornets around your house, there’s another type of flying insect that is even worse to have around your Richmond home.

January 16, 2019

#home pest control

rodent in a hole

How to Keep Your Virginia Home Rodent-Free in 2019

Posted in: Rodents,

Here’s the thing about rodents, they are a potential threat throughout the year. While some pests hideaway for the winter, rodents remain active. It’s important to protect your home throughout the whole year, especially during the winter months.


September 18, 2018

#home pest control#mice

mouse near a wall

How Mice Invade Virginia Homes in Fall

Posted in: Rodents,

Humans aren’t the only ones who start planning for winter in the fall. A lot of animals do too, and one of those animals that you’ll want to keep an eye on is the lowly little mouse.


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